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Wieści z kraju i ze świata #24


Zapraszamy do przeglądu wieści z kraju i ze świata.



Żabki idą na wojnę!

Do sklepów trafiła właśnie debiutancka gra amerykańskiego wydawnictwa Thunderworks Games. W Bullfrogs autorstwa Keitha Matejka (nomen omen polsko brzmiące nazwisko rodowe) staniemy na czele jednej z frakcji armii… żab. Pozycja będzie przeznaczona dla grupy od 2 do 4 osób, a czas zabawy to około 20-40 minut.


“Just as water retains no constant shape, in warfare there are no constant  conditions.” – Sun Tzu

Weapons clash, water splashes and the booming battle cries of armored bullfrogs ring out across the moonlit swamp. Amphibian armies leap from lily pad to lily pad in their desperate struggle to win control of the pond.

Suddenly, a shout of triumph rises up. Enough warriors have finally entered battle on a lily pad to dominate the fight and assure victory for their side. Overloaded, the lily pad sinks into the swamp.

Frogs scatter from the sinking lily pad to the surrounding ones, coming to aid their allies or sabotage their foes, their weight causing the lily pads to drift away across the cold, glittering water. The winning commander must understand the ripple effects of every move, and avoid acting to win a single battle at the cost of losing the war.

Creature CollegeNauka w potwornej szkole

Trwają pracę nad debiutanckim tytułem ze stajni amerykańskiego wydawcy Happy Otter Games. W Creature College (Orhan Ertughrul) wcielimy się w studentów Uniwersytetu Aldebaran – szkoły dla szczególnie uzdolnionych dzieci (czy tylko mi kojarzy się to z X-men?). Posiądziemy unikalne umiejętności, które pomogą nam w zdobywaniu potworów, wyposażaniu własnego laboratorium i toczeniu bitew – to wszystko, aby zdobywać punkty zwycięstwa i wygrać całą grę!

Creature college is played in three seasons (Autumn, Winter and Spring) and each season is comprised of four rounds, three biding rounds and one battle round. In the bidding round six or less creature cards (depending on the number of players) are placed in the middle of the gaming table and the players bid one of nine numbered tokens. If a higher numbered token is played on a card claimed by someone else then the person that originally claimed it is “bumped” onto another card. Once everyone has bid player order is determined by who bid the most then the players have a choice to take research labs card to fill one of five research lab slots on their player mat. These cards improve the number of gems won or lost from battles, give the player more victory points or help them progress along element tracks. They can also take Battle Cards which add to the Battle points in the battle round.

In the battle round a player choose one or more cards in a single suit and battles creatures in that suit owned by the players either side of him. Once he’s fought with a creature they’re “Tapped” and can’t be used for the rest of the game. If he wins he receives win gems if he looses he takes lose gems.

At the end of the game the person with the most victory points from Battle Gems, Missions, element tracks and Research lab VPs wins.


Kozie potyczki

Brent Critchfield i Studio Who zmierzają na platformę Kickstarter ze swoim najnowszym projektem. Gruff to potyczki… zmutowanych kóz. Pozycja będzie przeznaczona dla grupy od 2 do 4 osób, a czas zabawy ma oscylować w przedziale 20-40 minut. Start zbiórki już 1 maja 2015 roku.


Gruff is a tactical combat card game where you crush enemies by using a specially crafted deck of mutated monster goats.

Players choose from a wide variety of Mean, Weird, and Fat Gruffs to create the perfect team. Mutate your goats, thwart barrages, and unleash crazy attacks to break through the enemy’s defenses.  Defeat the opposing Shepherd and be victorious!


Konkursy – wyniki

Egzemplarz gry Duel of Legends w wersji de lux powędruje do  Pawła Pochowskiego.


Zestawy Intel Software Starter Pack otrzymują:

  • Andrzej Kamiński
  • Katarzyna Pochowska
  • Sebastian Mrózek
  • Wojciech Poźniak
  • Sadi Zagisama



Holenderski projektant Martyn F i niemiecka platforma crowdfundingowa Spieleschmiede ponownie łączą siły (poprzednio spotkali się przy tworzeniu Oklahoma Boomers). Tym razem cofniemy do Prehistorii i staniemy na czele jednej z grup ludzi. Start zbiórki już w maju 2015 roku.

In Epoch – Early Inventors, players take the role of a clan chief in the early days of civilizations. Each player has to scout the surroundings of the village, discover new technologies and worship Holy Sites. Whendiscovering the surroundings, the game has a more tactical approach. That changes later, when Epoch is a deep strategy game with a lot of choices.

The Download

Co nowego w Looney Labs?

Autor karcianki Gloom, Keith Baker oraz autor przepopularnego Fluxx łączą siły przy wspólnym podcaście audioThe Download.

Did you hear that we’ve launched a new podcast? Andy Looney & Keith Baker are game designers, lifelong friends and gigantic nerds! keith is best known as the designer of the card game, Gloom, while Andy’s biggest claim to fame is the card game, Fluxx. Back in the 1990s, they worked in the computer industry at side-by-side desks, but then Keith moved away and now they live on opposite coasts. To stay in touch, they started a weekly phone chat which they refer to as „The Download,” and they’ve had many fascinating discussions over the yeras. Now they are letting everyone eavesdrop as they talk shop about game design and debate important recent developments on TV shows they watch. Episodes of The Dowload are going up weekly.

Prussia 20

Napoleon na planszy

Nowa gra od Victory Point Games lada chwila trafi na sklepowe półki. Prussia 20 to właściwie nie jedna, a dwa tytuły w tym samym pudełku – Jena 20 2nd Edition i Eylau 20!

Jena 20 2nd Edition (October, 1806) highlights the stunning French victory which shattered the vaunted Prussian army at the twin battles of Jena and Auerstadt. With the Prussians realizing they have already been out maneuvered, their army is desperately trying to re-position itself while the French attempt to encircle and destroy them. Can the Prussian rear guard under Hohenlohe hold off Napoleon’s Grand Armée long enough at Jean to allow Brunswick’s main body to crush Davout’s lone French corps under which blocks their path to safety, or will the „Iron Marshal’s” veteran 3rd Corps stand firm against three times their numbers and seal the Prussian’s doom? The fate of two great empires is yours to decide.

Fought in some of the most severe weather conditions imaginable, the confused and indecisive battle of Eylau 20! (February, 1806) stands as a testament to the misery and horror of warfare. In the dead of winter, Russian General Levin August von Bennigsen halted his exhausted army at a small deserted crossroads village and prepared to give battle. For two days, in sub-zero temperatures with heavy snow falling almost continuously, Napoleon’s troops battered themselves against the unyielding Russian lines to little avail. Is the historical bloody and inconclusive draw the most likely outcome, or can you do better than the actual commanders and manage to eke out a victory in the terrible „Battle in a Blizzard?”


Wampiryczne walki

Na ulubionej platformie crowdfundingowej wprost z USA wystartowała kampania kolejnej produkcji. KiniGame prezentuje grę pełną strategii i starć opartą na komiksie od Pata Mills i Oliviera Ledroita. Wybierz jedną z 6 frakcji i stocz walkę z rywalami w Requiem Vampire Knight.

In the alternate universe of Resurrection you’ll find a lot of crazy stuffs: sadistic vampire knights, buxom pirate ghouls, decaying zombie soldiers, remote-controlled werewolves, armored centaur-riders, really mad scientists, avaricious dragons, demonologist sorcerers, various bad divinities or genetic monsters and a lot of sexy (willing, sometimes) victims…

You can play four players games if you own two Packs (two players teams).
Obviously, if you own several Packs you can play any faction against any other.

There will also be Expansion boxes to improve these six factions and Special Expansion boxes, which contain special characters, new rules and expand the universe.

Pick one faction and choose ten development cards with your favorite heroes. Choose your path: total annihilation or territory conquest!

With some factions one way may be harder than the other.
Vampires are powerful but after a few turns they will starve and lose strength. Ghouls seem weak, but are resistant and their strength will increase. Lemures have less effects, but their werewolves are great fighters. The Hellfire Club has lots of magic to use, as much as Archeologists have science powers to unleash. Distopians are lizards, so they have dragons… and a dragon… well a dragon is always useful.


Zostań pomocnikiem Mage Company

W produkcji są i Raid & Trade i 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy (a kolejny dodatek Bedtime Story już wkrótce na Kickstaterze!)   i Hoyuk: Anatolia. A oto propozycja dla tych, którzy wybierają się na tegoroczne targi w Essen:

Starting early, we at MAGE Company are looking for supporters that want to help us with explaining our games at Spiel 2015 in Essen, Germany. Since we are a growing publisher we want to be able to explain our games to as many people as possible and therefore we are looking for YOU to help us out!

What we can offer:

– Free exhibitors pass granting you permission at all days and one hour before the doors open to public
– Free games: We will have at least 4 different games with us and you can get them all. The more time you spend with us the more games you will carry home with you!
– Shirt: Every supporter will get his/her own MAGE Company shirt which you can take with you of course!
– Free drinks – drinks are expensive at the fair. We will have enough drinks at the booth!
– Sweets! We will have enough Haribo for everyone!
– Nice people: We are a bunch of people from all over Europe with the same passion: Boardgames! We like to meet new people and we always have the time for a little chat. If you join us you will have a time to remember!

What we require:

– You speak at least German or English. Every other language is a plus!
– You help out at least 2 full days.
– You can explain games of course!

If we got your attention please contact us at magecompanygermany@googlemail.com to talk about your support.




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